Hydro Extractor Machine For Dyed Knit Fabric | Functions Of Hydro Extractor

Hydro extractor machine is the first sequence of finishing unit of dyeing and finishing floor. After completion of dyeing process, dyed fabrics are hold for sometimes before hydro extraction. Hydro extractor machine is important one before de-watering process.

Functions of Hydro-extractor: Hydro extractor machine is used for removing excess water from fabric by centrifugal extraction. About 65% water is removed by this process. The extraction time is about 5-10 minutes. After extraction process, we can find out the efficiency of the hydro extractor. I have written about the hydro extraction process of yarn dyeing and calculating system of efficiency of the hydro extractor in one of my blog post.

Working Procedure Of Hydro Extractor Machine: Hydro extractor machine is like a round basket and it is made of steel. There are a lot of holes on the down side of this basket. After putting the wet fabric in the hydro extractor, it moves and water is removed by the centrifugal extraction. Extract water is drained out through the holes.

Various types of hydro extractor are available in the market. Here, I have present a profile of a hydro extractor. The brand name of the hydro extractor is Dilmenler, which is made of Turkey.

So, choose your hydro extractor machine, which is suitable for removing excess water from the wet knit fabric.

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