Quality Assurance System at Yarn Dyeing

Quality Assurance System

In every production floor, there has a quality control department that is responsible for ensuring the quality of the product. On a yarn dyeing floor, there has a quality department. A textile engineer or a quality officer measures the quality of the product by carrying out different quality tests.

Quality Assurance System at Yarn Dyeing

Quality Assurance System at Different Stages of Yarn Dyeing

The value of a product depends on the quality. Different types of qualities are checked for various products. For the yarn dyeing floor; the quality of the dyed yarns are measured as the following flow chart:

Dyed yarn from the production section with batch card

Yarn dried by passing it hydro extractor and dryer

Take six layers of a package in a random section

Determine the levelness of the yarn package (Single yarn)

Take knitting of a package as the sequence (outer + middle + inner) for double yarn

Match the layer and knitting with the standard swatch


Approved from Q.C

Take wash and rubbing fastness report


Approved from Q.C

Take pass or fail report from data color


Approved from Q.C

The product is ready for delivery

In dyeing; different types of dyeing faults could happen. It is the responsibility of a quality officer to find it out and give the solution to remove that’s faults. After passing all types of quality tests, a product becomes ready for delivery.

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