Chemical Composition of Glass Fiber Production

Glass fiber is special types of synthetic fiber. It is a very strong fiber. Its tenacity is higher than other fibers. It is heavy in weight. It is generally used in special purpose. Special types of fabric are made by this glass fiber. It is generally use to make flame proof, water proof fabrics or to make the body of sports car and parts of crafts.

Chemical Composition of Glass Fiber: Glass fiber is made by the combination of following chemicals. But this composition could be changed depending on the requirements of the user. The chemical composition of glass fiber is given below.

           Silicon Dioxide : 55%

                   Calcium Oxide : 16 – 25%

                 Aluminium Oxide : 12 – 16%

                      Baron Oxide : 8 – 13%

Sodium and Potassium Oxide: 0 – 1%

               Magnesium Oxide : 0 – 6%

This composition is calculated based on 100%. By blending and mixing all of the above chemicals glass fiber is formed.

Although, glass fiber is not a popular fiber but we should be aware about the glass fiber.

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