Types And Applications Of Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing

Protective technical clothing is used to protect from various types of harmful effects of the workplace or environment. In our everyday lives, we do more or less work; all work is not the same in type. Some are heavy, and some are light. When we do work, we need to be careful about safety. To be safe, one can do this by wearing protective technical clothing. Normal wear can’t provide enough protection from harmful effects, so we need to look after the protective technical textiles.

Now I will give a list of what one should protect his/her body from the harmful effects.

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Types And Applications Of Protective Clothing

Types And Uses Of Protective Technical Clothing Types

The following are the different types of protective clothing with their application. They are-

  1. Cold Protective Technical Clothing: We know in the winter season, the temperature becomes low than the normal temperature. In this case, one should protect his/her body from the cold environment by wearing cold protective cloth.
  2. Sun Protective Technical Clothing: Most of the time we work in the sunlight, so it needs to protect our body from the harmful effects of sunlight. In this case, one can use sun-protective technical clothing.
  3. Rain Protective Technical Clothing: We can protect our bodies from rain by wearing rain-protective clothing emphatically.
  4. Chemical Protective Technical Clothing: It is the most important issue that the man who works with chemicals needs to be more care full to protect his/her body from chemical reactions. Chemical is harmful to the body. So, those who work in the chemical industry should wear chemical protective clothing. In the textile sector, those who work in dyeing, printing, finishing, and washing plant should wear chemical protective clothing.
  5. Rescue Service Personnel Protective Technical Clothing: The person who works in rescue service should wear rescue service protective clothing.
  6. Protective Technical Clothing for Fire Fighters: Firefighters should wear protective clothing against fire. That is fireproof clothing.
  7. Protective Technical Clothing Against the Thermal Risk of an Electrical Arc: Electrical work personnel should use protective technical clothing.
  8. Protective Technical clothing against antistatic properties.
  9. The Protective technical clothing for welders.
  10. Protective Technical clothing against a cool environment.
  11. Scratch Protective Technical Clothing.
  12. Motorcycle Protective Technical Clothing.
  13. Footwear Protective Technical Clothing.
  14. Protective Technical clothing against radiation,
  15. Protective Technical clothing against bacterial or Viral
  16. Protective Technical clothing for military
  17. Protection against ballistic

Factors of Protective Technical Clothing

So when you will buy protective technical textiles you have to be careful about the following factors.

  1. Cost
  2. End-Use
  3. Comfort
  4. Coverage
  5. Fashion
  6. Health

So, we see that protective technical clothing has great use in our everyday life.