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Dyeing Machineries | Machineries Used For Different Dyeing Process

We know that; dyeing is a process of coloring textile materials to give a nice outlook of grey textile materials. By the reaction between dye solution and textile materials it becomes colorful. Dyeing is done in a dye bath where dye solution is made. Different types of material are dyed in different dye bath. Dyeing process varies depending on materials type.

In ancient times dyeing was done in an open bath but day by day this process is improving by the research of scientist. Now dyeing is done more efficiently than ancient times. Now man can do as he will. Different types of modern equipment are used to dye the materials. Depending on materials type following machineries is used:

  • Fibre dyeing Machine: These types of machineries are used to dye fibre. Natural and man-made/synthetic materials can be dyed by these machineries. Generally fibre dyeing is done less than yarn or fabric dyeing. But dyeing action is more effective than yarn or fabric dyeing. Here fibre molecules are well dyed.
  • Yarn dyeing machine:  Yarn dyeing is another dyeing process. Generally yarn dyeing is done for special purpose; like to make designed textile materials. Three types of processing machineries are available for yarn dyeing. They are:
  1. Hank dyeing machine: This machine use to dye yarn in hank form. Sewing thread is dyed by this process.
  2. Package dyeing machine: This dyeing machine use to dye the yarn in package form.
  3. Beam dyeing machine: Here yarn is dyed in beam form.
  • Fabric dyeing machine: Fabric dyeing is the most important sector in dyeing area. Different types of fabric are dyed by these machineries. Fabrics may be woven, non-woven or knitted. However following machineries is used for fabric dyeing:
  1. Jigger dyeing machine: This machine use to dye woven fabric.
  2. Winch dyeing machine: In this machine both woven and knitted fabrics are dyed. Specially knit dyeing is done by this machine.
  3. Jet dyeing machine: Knitted and woven fabric can be dyed by this machine.
  • Garments dyeing machine: Garments dyeing machine is used to give special effect on apparels.

Dyeing machine bears an important factor in dyeing. If the dyeing machine has not enough properties of carrying dyeing process than it can be harmful. So, before selecting a dyeing machine following points should be in mind:

  • The dyeing machine should provide sufficient movement of the liquor to penetrate uniformly into every parts of the textle materials.
  • The machine must be constructed of a material which will withstand prolong boiling with acid or alkali.
  • There must have some facility of adding concentrated dye solution in such a way that it becomes well distributed before it comes into contact with textile materials.
  • The heating arrangement must be such that a comparatively uniform temperature will be maintained throughout the liquor.
  • All moving parts and electric motors should be protected against the corrosive action of steam and acidic atmospheric condition.
  • The machine should have possible outlet and water inlet valves.
  • The machines should have some automatic temperature control device.
  • The machine should have the facility of auto programming system.

So, dyeing machine has an importance in dyeing department. Before choosing a dyeing machine one should consider the above points. Different types of dyeing machine manufacturing companies offer different types of dyeing machine which have all latest facilities.

At last not least, choose your desire one depending on your demand.