Fashion Draping Techniques: Types, Benefits, and Limitations

What is fashion draping? Fashion draping is a technique that helps fashion designers to create clothing or garments directly on a dress form or mannequin. Draping allows for a more practical and hands-on approach of manipulating cloth on a three-dimensional form for pattern production, which involves creating a design on paper before cutting and sewing … Read more

Fashion Merchandising: Principles, Roles and Scopes

Fashion Merchandising The textile and apparel design sectors both greatly benefit from fashion merchandising. But every company wants to increase its sales and profits, and for a fashion merchandiser, this entails organizing and marketing products to consumers at the appropriate times. The world is fascinated by fashion’s innovative designs and ever-evolving trends since it is … Read more

Top American Fashion Designers List

Fashion Designers United States of America (USA) is a developed country. The Americans like to wear different fashionable wear in their daily life. Especially, young people are interested in modern fashion design wear. Fashion designers from the USA are following the interest of the people in wear. Fashion designers are highly educated from the different … Read more

List of Best British Fashion Designers

Fashion Designers Fashion design makes the present world more attractive than in the past. However, the British like attractive, luxurious, traditional fashion design. In the U.K., fashion designers make different designs for their people indeed. The fashion designer also plays an important role in society. Therefore, I have listed popular fashion designers’ names from the … Read more

Top Listed German Fashion Designers

German Fashion Designers Germany is a developed country. The peoples of Germany are different in taste. There are lots of fashion design colleges, institutes, and universities established for fashion design and textile study. German fashion designers are designing various fashion designs not only for Germany but also all over the world. Some German fashion designer … Read more

Top Suit Brands For Men In the World || Custom Suits

Men’s Suit A suit is one of the stylists wear for men. The fashion designer is working to develop a different design for suits. The design of suits also depends on the taste of the individual. Various famous designers are responsible for making suitable suits. Suit cloth is generally caused by the weaving process. The … Read more