Cotton Fabric Types, Uses And Names

Cotton Fabric Cotton fabrics, manufactured from Gossypium cotton fibers, are among the most popular types of textiles. Although cotton is one of the most popular and adaptable natural fibers in the world, several types of fabric are made from it. Essentially, cotton fibers are taken from cotton bolls, treated, and spun into yarn or thread … Read more

Scouring Process of Cotton Fabric in the Textile Industry

Scouring Process The scouring process uses to remove unwanted substances from a fabric or garment. Basically, natural fiber contains different impurities such as dust, oil, wax, and minerals substances. This impurity is harmful to the textile dyeing and printing process. Thereafter, these impurities need to remove from the raw fiber or fabrics before the wet … Read more

Exploring The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cotton Fabric

Cotton The advantages and disadvantages of using cotton fabric are important for determining whether it is a strong, breathable, comfortable, and absorbent textile fiber. Cotton is a natural fiber, and it has great demand all over the world. However, it is grown all over the world because it is a renewable natural resource and an … Read more