How To Increase Production In Knitting Floor

Knitting Machine

Knit fabrics are produced from circular knitting machines or flat bed knitting machines. Circular knitting machines are of two types: single jersey or double jersey knitting machines. These two type’s of machines have different cam arrangement settings, which are responsible for design production.

How To Increase Production In Knitting Floor

One can think, How do I increase production on the knitting floor?

Anyhow, the production of knit fabrics depends on various factors. By developing the following factors, we can increase the production of knit fabrics.

Machine Speed:

Production per hour depends on the speed of the machine. The higher the machine rpm, the faster the needle moves, which increases production. But we should make sure that this higher speed will not impose excess tension on the yarn. Excess tension on yarn can increase the breakage of the yarn, which is not desired.

Number of Feeders:

If the number of feeders increases with the circumference of the cylinder, then the number of courses will increase one revolution at a time. Which is responsible for increasing production.

Machine Gauge:

Machine gauges also affect the production of knit fabric. It also varies depending on the type of machine and the’ manufacturer’s company. A higher-gauge machine gives higher production.

Automation System for Knitting Machines:

By imposing automation on the machine, production can be increased. The following automation can be added for higher production.

  • Firstly, quick starting and stopping for an effective driving system.
  • Secondly, an automatic machine lubrication system for smooth operation.
  • Lastly, a photoelectric fabric fault detector.

By imposing other developments, following developments can increase production.

  1. Creel feeding systems can increase production.
  2. Applying yarn supply through a plastic tube eliminates the possibility of yarn damage.
  3. By using a yarn feed control device.

In modern times, different advanced facilities are added to the machine’s features, which will increase production.

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