Functions Of Batch Management In Yarn Dyeing Process

Yarn Dyeing

In the yarn dyeing process; yarns are batched like the batching section of knit dyeing. The activities of the yarn dyeing and knit dyeing batching section are almost similar but the process is different. Here grey yarns are the raw materials for yarn dyeing which are supplied from the soft winding section.

Functions of Batch Management In Yarn Dyeing Process

Batching is the second important section after soft winding and before bleaching as well as the dyeing process. It is the process to make a batch for dyeing. During batch preparation, some points are considered. If some fault occurs during batch preparation then it affects the shade of the yarn package.

Steps in Batching:

In batching section; spring tubes are pressed by the pressing machine. This is a steps work, in batching section bathing is done as the following:

Soft package from soft winding section

Enter the package into the spindle of the carrier

Pressing by press machine/manually

Prepared for dyeing

Pressing Machine:

The pressing machine is used for pressing the spring tube which contains yarn for dyeing. By this machine, the cap is fitted on the top of each spindle. During pressing, yarn package density keeps in control. Otherwise, imbalanced density occurs shade problems in the dyeing process.

Pressing Machine Description:

Different types of pressing machines are used for yarn package pressing. One of the most used pressing machines is FONG’S which is manufactured by FONG’S NATIONAL ENGINEERING (SHENZEN) CO. LTD. Its origin country is China.

Parts of Pressing Machine:

The following are the parts of a pressing machine:

  1. Punching head
  2. Tray(box)/Carrier head
  3. Cap plate tray
  4. Operator carrier

Advantages of Pressing machine:

The pressing machine gives the following facilities over manual pressing:

  1. It gives uniform pressure on the entire package.
  2. Low pressure variation.
  3. Cap is fitted by the machine.


Although the pressing the machine has some limitations. The following are some disadvantages. They are-

  • Only the spring package can be pressed.
  • Need more times than manual pressing.
Points Need to Consider During Batching:

Various points are considered during batching and pressing. They are as follow:

  1. Every package in batch carrier should have uniform softness or hardness.
  2. Batch operator should be aware about lot mixing and count mixing package.
  3. Operator should feed minimum package and should not feed over range package in a carrier.
  4. Tube should be neat and clean. If any tube loss its original shape then it should replace by original one. Uneven shade is occurred for tube fault.
  5. During tube setting big tube part should feed first then small tube part, because it facilities easy remove of package.
  6. Pressing should be less than 20%.

So, during batching we have to consider the yarn count, yarn lot number, and pressing parameters for better dyeing performance.

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