Features And Mechanical Parts Of Straight Knife Cutting Machine

Straight Knife Cutting Machine

A straight knife cutter machine is the most used cutting instrument in apparel cutting.

Features of Straight Knife Cutter

The following are the features of the straight knife cutter machine. They are –

  • In apparel industry; more than 99% cases straight knife cutter machine is used.
  • Straight knife machine is mainly used for bulk production.
  • It is mainly used for both woven and knit fabric.
  • It can cut maximum ply height.
  • Straight knife machine is a high speed machine.
  • In the case of straight knife cutter, machine is moveable but fabric is fixed.
  • Straight knife cutter machine is so called because a straight knife or blade is used in the machine.

Mechanical Elements of Straight Knife Cutter

Mechanically a straight knife cutter machine is composed of following elements. They are –

  1. A base plate, which placed on wheels for easy movement.
  2. A stand.
  3. Vertical blade.
  4. An electric motor.
  5. Safety guard for blade.
  6. Sharpening device.

So, when you will buy a straight knife cutter you have to give emphasis on the above factor.

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