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Process Flow Chart of Denim Mercerization | Cotton Mercerizing Techniques

In fabric market; mercerization plays an important roll. Mercerized fabric is more suitable than the unmercerized fabric. In denim industry, mercerizing process is different than the other mercerizing process. In general mercerizing of cotton is done before dyeing but for the denim mercerizing is done after dyeing and weaving which is described in below.

Process flow chart for cotton mercerizing of denim is given below:


Dyeing and Sizing



Washing (In mercerizing machine)


Finishing without Singeing


Steps of fabric processing in mercerization machine: In mercerizing machine; the process is done sequencely. The first steps is washing then mercerization is done in same machine. Anyhow following task is done one by one in different stages of the machine part.


  • Closed Tank-1: Desizing using detergent
  • Impregnation Tank: Desizing using detergent
  • Stabilization Tank: Water wash
  • Closed Tank-2: Water wash
  • Closed Tank-3: Water wash
  • Closed Tank-4: Water wash
  • Closed Tank-5: Water wash


  • Closed Tank-1: Water Wash
  • Impregnation Tank: Caustic (NaOH) solution
  • Stabilization Tank: Steam supply
  • Closed Tank-2: Water wash
  • Closed Tank-3: Water wash
  • Closed Tank-4: Water wash (80°c)
  • Closed Tank-5: Acetic acid (CH3COOH)
  • Temperature in mercerizing- 41°c-43°c
  • Caustic (NaOH) concentration in bath- 250 g/l (500 g/l)
  • Bath pick-up- 95%

There are a lots of mercerizing machine available in the market. Among all of the mercerizing machine brand; DHALL is most popular for this operation. This machine is manufactured in India. This is the Combi-Soft & Flat Finish Range machine.

So, this denim mercerizing process should be accurate to fulfill the buyers requirement.


Process Flow Chart Of Finishing Section In Denim Industry

Denim fabric is courser than as usual woven fabric. Generally courser yarn is used for making denim. After dyeing and weaving, denim fabric is send to the finishing section for adding some properties to the fabric. In finishing section; a sequence of production procedure is maintained.

The finishing process is performed as the following sequence.

Grey Fabric Roll at Feeding Scray



Gas Singeing (2-Burner)


Chemical Box

Squeezing Padded

Skew Roller

Dryer-1 (10 Cylinders)

Rubber Belt

Stenter (Except stretch denim)


Cooling Roller and Folder

To perform this operation various machine is used. I like to give a list of machine brand name which could be used in this process.

Machine-1: This is the first machine which is used in the beginning of finishing. The Brand name of the machine is Sperotto Rimer, which is manufactured in Italy.

Singeing unit: In singeing unit; hairy fiber is removed. To perform this Osthoff-Senge singeing machine is used which is manufactured in Germany.

Padder pressure (Air Pressure): During padding following parameter is maintained.

  • 7000 Kg (for stretch denim)
  • 2000 Kg (except stretch denim)

Machine-2: After passing the machine-1, fabrics passed the machine-2. In here following machines could be used.

  • Sanforizing unit manufacturer- MONFORTS (Germany)
  • Up to the dryer unit manufacturer- KTM (USA)
  • General output speed- 50 m/min.
  • Used chemical- Softener (Belsoft). Mixing tank contains 1200 Liter of softener solution which requires 20 kg softener for 1200 Liter.

So, this all about the finishing section of denim industry but the process sequence and machine types could be different depending on the demand of end product requirement.