Sewing Techniques Of Button Sewing Machine

Button sewing machine is used for garment sewing because huge amount of apparel is made here. Button can be sewing by hand but it is used for bespoke garment making. Button sewing machine is used to sew the button to adjust with the apparel. Generally lock stitch or chain stitch is used to sew the button.

Features of Button Sewing Machine: The features of a button sewing machine are given below.

  • Buttons with 2 holes, 4 holes or shanks can be sewn on the same machine.
  • Buttons can be placed manually or by a magazine.
  • Generally the needle has a vertical movement only.
  • Button is moved from side to side by the button clamp.
  • Machine has a number of stitches. i.e. 16, 24 or 32 are adjusted.
  • Button can be sewn using lock stitch or chain stitch.

So, if you want to sew button, you have to use button sewing machine.

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