Characteristics Of Warp Rib || Regular And Irregular Warp Rib

Warp rib and weft rib is the derivatives of plain weave. This warp and weft rib also can be classified into regular and irregular rib. There are differences in the structure of the fabric. So, we need to know the characteristics of warp and weft rib of plain weave.

Characteristics of Warp Rib: Plain warp rib weave has some characteristic, which is given below:

  1. It produces ribs or cords in the weft direction.
  2. Generally, warp yarn is finer than weft yarn.
  3. If the number of ends is more than the number of picks in a unit space, then yarn of same count may be used.
  4. Two or more weft yarns pass over or under a warp.
  5. Weft yarns are low twisted yarn.
  6. Two heald shafts are used for producing the design.
  7. Generally, mercerized yarns are used.
  8. It is normally used in warp faced construction, such as Poplin fabric.

In the above figure, you have noticed the difference between the regular warp rib and irregular warp rib. In the regular warp rib, the number of warp yarn is same for each line but the number of warp yarn is not same in the each line and it alters in the next picks. This type of structure creates the floating characteristics on the fabric. For this reason, fabrics become comfortable than the basic plain weave cloth.

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