Yarn Cleaner | Types, Functions, And Uses Of Yarn Cleaner

Yarn Cleaner

A yarn cleaner is a cleaning device to remove faulty parts of the yarn to increase the yarn quality. This device is mainly used in winding steps. Additionally, the clearer cuts the faulty pieces from the yarn after detecting the faults. After that, the piecing device joins the cut ends of the yarn in modern textile technology. Yarn is the final product of the spinning process. Yarns may be carded, combed, or rotor. Any type of yarn that is produced in spinning may have some faults; it requires removal for getting better weaving efficiency. To perform this, a device is used that is called a yarn cleaner.

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Yarn Cleaner

Functions of Yarn Cleaner:

A yarn cleaner is a device that is used to remove the faults of yarn. Yarn cleaner is used to increase yarn quality and weaving efficiency. Following yarn faults are removed by yarn cleaner. They are-

  • Thick and thin place in the yarn.
  • Slubs and neps of yarn.
  • Loose fibers of the yarn.
  • Foreign materials of the yarn.

During operation it should ensure that the yarn cleaner is clean otherwise its contamination with dust may cause additional knots. So, we should keep clean the yarn cleaning device.

Types of Yarn Cleaner:

There are different types of cleaning device which is used to clean the yarn. The followings are the most used yarn cleaning device.

  1. Ordinary metal sheet type
  2. Comb type
  3. Ordinary metal slit type
  4. Blade type
  5. Disc type
  6. V-type
  7. Capacitance type
  8. Solar type
Uses of Yarn Cleaner:

The scope of yarn cleaner use is one of the most important factors. Yarn cleaner is used for the following cases.

  • Before the pirn winding.
  • Before the beaming of warp or weavers beam.
  • Mounted on the winders behind the tension device.

So, a yarn cleaning device is essential for removing unwanted faults or defects of yarn. However, various textile machine manufacturing companies are produced yarn cleaning devices. Choose your favorite one from there.

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