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Bangladesh Handloom Board (BHB)

Bangladesh handloom board (BHB) is such type of organization that is responsible for doing needful action for the well fair of the handloom weavers. This organization is doing its work at the root level of the country. Handloom weavers and their product is the main concern of BHB. BHB make workshops to train handloom weavers and sometimes they trained the weavers from their training institute. Skilled and trained instructors are doing their work for the handloom weavers. BHB has some regional office from where handloom weavers can get suggestions and necessary instructions.

Services of Bangladesh Handloom Board

BHB is looking for saving the traditional products which are lost in the present days such as Muslin. At present, BHB set up a muslin weaver Polly to produce muslin. Muslin is a traditional product in Bangladesh. the expert team is working for doing this great job.

Services of Bangladesh Handloom Board (BHB)

Bangladesh handloom board gives lots of services to handloom weavers. The followings are the major services that are given by BHB. They are:

  1. A country of origin certificate is given by BHB for the handloom products which are produced by handloom for exporting to the foreign country.
  2. BHB helps the members of Weaver’s Samiti to participate in local and international fairs.
  3. BHB gives loans to small and local weavers for providing capital and to run up handloom which is cannibalized.
  4. BHB gives the following services through their service center, such as twisting, dyeing, sizing, singing, washing, printing, stantering, calendaring, and others.
  5. BHB gives training to the handloom weavers for improving their efficiency, product quality improvement, weaved goods production, and improving technical efficiency.
  6. BHB has spread out its services for development the of handloom weavers as well as for improving the economics of the country.

In Bangladesh, handloom weavers is trying to manufacture products for the people. If handloom weavers are properly trained and get loans and other facilities from the government then they will be able to make great contributions to the national GDP growth.

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