Process Sequence Of Flock Printing On Cotton Fabric

Flock printing is done by depositing various flocks on the surface of the fabric. Flocks means small finely cut natural or synthetic fibers. This flocks are applied on an adhesive coated surface for impart a decorative or functional characteristics to the surface of the fabric.

Flock printing has great scope to produce various attractive designs. Flock printing is generally done on T-Shirt, jewellery boxes, gift, wallpaper or upholstery.

Here, I have given a process flow of flock printing on cotton fabric.

Recipe: This is a sample recipe for flock printing.

Flock paste—————–90%

Fixer (Nylon) —————10%

And, Flock powder (Synthetic or cotton)

Sequence of flock printing: Flock printing is as the following way.

Table preparation

Fabric plaited on the table

Apply flock paste with the help of screen

Flock powder apply with the help of flock gun

Manually dry by hanging for 30min

Curing at 180ºc (belt speed 3 m/min)



Before flock printing it needs to select the flock for the printing. Size and type of the flock is important one for flock printing.

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