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Human Resource Management (HRM) || Polices Of Human Resource Department In A Industry

Human resource (HR) is an important department in an organization, especially for a production related industry where workers are involved. Human resource is responsible to ensure the rights of an officer and worker in an industry. The goodwill of an industry depends on the performance of human resource department. Compliance of an industry is controlled by human resource department. A HR manager is responsible for HR department. HR manager should have enough knowledge about human resource management.

Polices Of Human Resource Department in an Industry: In an industry, human resource department plays an important roll to make polices. Following policies are applied in an industry to manage the human resource.

  • Company philosophy: Company philosophy is appearing by the human resource department. HR publishes the company philosophy toward the public. By this one can get general knowledge about the company.
  • Work schedules: HR fixed the work schedules for the stuff and workers who involved with the company.
  • Employment procedures: HR also makes procedures for the employment.
  • Dress code policies: HR department ensures the dress code. Specific work related stuff and workers will wear specific dress during working period.
  • Attendance and leave policies: Attendance and leave policies are maintained by the human resource department.
  • Pay and compensation policies: HR publishes pay and compensation policies for its officers, stuff and workers.
  • Insurance programs for employees: HR ensures insurance policies for its employees.
  • Employee benefits policies: HR also gives employee benefits policies.
  • Vacation policies: Vacation is maintained by the HR department.
  • Work policies and regulations: In a company, officers, stuff and workers follow the work policies and regulations which are maintained by the HR department. HR can take action against the human resource if he or she breaks the rules and regulations.
  • Safety policies: It is the great responsibility of a company owner to ensure the safety of a worker. HR department should strictly maintained safety policies.
  • Drug free work place: Drug is harm full for the human body. HR department is responsible to ensure drug free work place for the workers.
  • Transportation and expenses policies: HR should make policies for the employee for transportation and expenses.

There are lots of policies which should ensure a HR department in a company.

What Is Textile Production Management (TPM) || Objectives And Requirement Of Textile Production Management

Textile Production Management (TPM) is a vital term in textile and garments industry. In the international textile and clothing market an engineer who has a degree on textile engineering and management hold a great demand. To be a successful in an industry you should have sound knowledge about textile production management. If you have not enough knowledge about production management then you will fail to give desired output of the industry.

Textile production management program teach an engineer how to lead in an industry. It also prepare as a leader in the production industry. The progress of a textile industry depends on a good leader and his leadership. The design, manufacture and distribution of textile goods within the textile and garments industry is encompasses by apparel and textile marketing management.

In the global job market, the owner of the industry searches such types of person who is dynamic and diverse, who has great management power.

Textile industry is related with the terms of fiber, yarn, fabric, wet processing, garments etc. production means to manufacturing from one to another by a process. The process varies depending on the types of the raw materials to final product. Management is related to manage. In the production unit, to maintain the sequence of operation and control the operation is involve with management. If you can manage the full process successfully then you will be a great manager. It is important to control the man power who works with a manager.

Proper textile production management ensures to produce good quality of right products in desired quantity at the right time and right manufacturing cost. I will write about the responsibility of a production manager in the next post.

Objectives and Requirement of Textile Production Management: An engineer should study on textile production management for the following reasons:

  • To get basic knowledge about management and production management.
  • To make plant layout of a textile and clothing industry.
  • To discuss about the factors behind plant layout.
  • To ensure the desired production and control the production planning.
  • To control inventory management.
  • To know lean production and management.
  • To ensure the desired production with maximum profit.

Actually it ensures optimum utilization of resources to produce the desired textile products.

Top Listed Textile Engineering Universities, Colleges And Institutes In Sweden || Textile And Fashion School In Sweden

Sweden is a developed country. In Sweden, textile engineering is a valuable degree. Here, they want to ensure best quality education for their students. They emphasis on practical knowledge based education for their students as a result they can be employable in both national and international job market. They also give opportunity to research on different topics which is required to discover the solution which is faced by a manufacturer. They have lots of research documents which is helpful for a student.

In Sweden, many universities offer scholarship for their students. Here, one can complete his or her diploma, graduate, post graduate degree.

Top Listed Textile Engineering Universities, Colleges and Institutes in Sweden: Here, I have listed most popular textile engineering universities, colleges and institutes name.

Textile and fashion arts colleges are developing different fashion design on cloth. So, one can choose his or her best university and its details by browsing on desired one.