What Is Warp And Weft Knitting | Difference Between Warp And Weft Knitting

Knitting Knitting is markedly done by a set of connected loops from a series of yarn in warp or weft direction. When knitted fabrics are divided into two main types. They are- Warp knitting Weft knitting Warp knitting: In a warp knitted structure, particularly each loop in the horizontal direction is made from a different … Read more

What Is Knitting And Weaving | Difference Between Knitting And Weaving

Knitting And Weaving Knitting and weaving are the two different processes to produce knitted and woven fabric consequently in the production unit. Chiefly, both types of fabrics have great demand in the market. The manufacturing process of both types is different from one to another. However, every manufacturer wants to get the best products in … Read more

What is Yarn Tensioning Device? | Functions, Effects, and Requirements Of Yarn Tensioning Device

What is Yarn Tensioning Device? A tensioning device is an important element in the textile sector. In the winding process, yarns are transferred from one package to another. Therefore, during the winding process, the tension of the yarns should be controlled; otherwise, yarn breakage will increase because high tension or low tension will hamper the … Read more

Yarn Guides || Types Of Yarn Guides Used In the Textile Industry

Yarn Guides Yarn guides are one of the instruments used to control the yarn path. Moreover, this guide requires performing the winding or unwinding process properly. In every operation where yarns are transferred from one package to another, yarn guides are required. Specifically, yarn guides are used during the winding, warping, beaming, and weaving process. … Read more

Yarn Cleaner | Types, Functions, And Uses Of Yarn Cleaner

Yarn Cleaner A yarn cleaner is a cleaning device to remove faulty parts of the yarn to increase the yarn quality. This device is mainly used in winding steps. Additionally, the clearer cuts the faulty pieces from the yarn after detecting the faults. After that, the piecing device joins the cut ends of the yarn … Read more

Features, Difference Between Precision And Non Precision Winding

Winding Winding is the process of transferring yarn from one spinning bobbin to another suitable package to facilitate subsequent processing. Although Winding is classified in different ways, depending on the density of the package, it is classified as: Precision and Non Precision Winding Features of Precision And Non Precision Winding Precision Winding: When the successive … Read more