Features Of Straight Draft || Skip Draft

Straight draft and skip draft is the most used drafting system to express drafting plan of woven structure.

Features of Straight Draft: The features of straight draft are given below.

  1. Straight draft is the simplest type of draft that forms basis from many other drafts.
  2. Straight draft is the most common and can be used with any number of heald shafts.
  3. Each successive thread is drawn on each successive shaft. The first thread on the first shaft, the second on the second shaft and so on. The last thread of the warp repeat is drawn in the last shaft.
  4. The number of heald shafts equal to the number of warp in the repeat.

Features of Skip Draft: The features of skip draft are given below.

  • Skip draft is used in weaving in the fabric with a high density of warp threads having same structure.
  • In this drafting system, 2, 4 or 6 heald shafts are used.
  • This enables to decrease the density of heald on each shaft and to reduce the friction of threads against thread and thread against heald.
  • Skip draft is used in plain weave.

So, that’s all about the properties of straight draft and skips draft.

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