Duties And Responsibilities Of Marketing Officer | Garment Marketing

Marketing officer plays an important role in the process of dealings with buyer. He maintains communication with the buyer. He is the middle man between the producer and buyer. A marketing officer should have great knowledge about the marketing strategy. Marketing strategy is a very important factors to sale the products to the buyer. If the marketing strategy is not so developed, it will be very hard to reach the goal. In case of garments marketing the dealings with the buyer is a very important factor.

In a composite mills Ltd, mainly senior marketing officers, merchandisers & higher officials deal with the buyer. There are some fixed buyers of the industry. The buyers give their orders continuously all over the year. The marketing officers and by both side understanding the rate and the order quantity are fixed.

Duties and Responsibilities of Marketing Officer: Dealing with the buyer and convince the buyer is the main duty of the marketing officer. A marketing officer also has some other duties. The main duties & responsibilities of a marketing officer are given bellow:-

  • To prepare cost sheet by dealing with the buyer.
  • To take different steps by discussing with the high officials & merchandisers.
  • To maintain a regular and good relationship between commercial officer & merchandisers.
  • To maintain a regular communication with the buyers & buying houses.
  • Communicate with the new buyers.
  • Display the better criteria of the products.

Actually the responsibilities & duties of marketing officer begins from getting order of buyer & ends after receiving goods by the buyer. So he should be always smart, energetic & sincere.

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  1. Very good to know about the function the marketing officer. Can you please help me get some books to know about some newly product in the market now.

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