Comparison Between Sectional Warping And High Speed Warping

Warping is important for weaving process. Warping process are mainly two types they are as follow:

  1. Sectional warping or pattern warping.
  2. High speed warping or beam warping or direct warping.

This two process have lots of features. It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of two types. If we have idea about the difference between sectional warping and direct warping then it will be very easy to choose the easiest one for the application. For this reason I like to present the comparison between sectional warping and high speed warping.

Difference between sectional warping and high speed warping:

High Speed Warping Sectional Warping
To produce common fabric in large quantities (grey fabric). To produce stripped fabric.
Production speed is high. Lower production speed.
To produce warp beam from large amount of warp yarn. To produce warp beam from small amount of warp yarn.
Creel capacity is high. Lower creel capacity.
Weavers beam is produced after sizing. Weavers beam can be found immediately after sectional warping.
Higher length of warp sheet is produced. Lower length of warp sheet is produced.
Cone or cheese bobbin is used. Flanged bobbin is used.
Single yarn is used. Fly or twisted yarn is used.
One stage is involved. Two stages are involved.
High speed is less expensive than sectional warping. Sectional warping is expensive.
Uniform tension of yarn is obtained. Uniform tension of each yarn can not be maintained.
Cotton, linen, worsted and woolen yarns are processed by this process. Mostly used for processed silk and man-made fibers.
High speed warping is more popular and widely used than sectional warping. Comparatively less used process.


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