Slitting Machine || Objectives And Functions Of Slitting Machine

Slitting Machine

A Slitting machine or slitter machine is generally used for the tubular knit fabric to make it in open form. In an open form fabric finishing line; a slitter machine is used after hydro-extractor, de-watering, and drying machine.

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Slitting is a process that is applied for cutting the tubular fabric through the intended break Wales line in a lengthwise direction prior to stenter processing. During slitting, it is required to be aware of the cutting line otherwise, fabric faults can occur there.

Objectives of Slitting:

The following objectives are achieved by the slitting machine. They are-

  • To open tube fabric according to specific needle mark.
  • To prepare the fabric for next stentering process.

Slitter Machine Parts and Their Functions:

The following are the main machine parts and their functions. They are-

Rotary Blade:

A rotary blade is used for cutting the fabric through the break Wales line.


The ring is used to help the cutting process.

Guide Roller:

After slitting, plaiting of the fabric is done. Guide roller guides the fabric to plaiting.


Open fabric is made plait by plaiting.


The sensor is used to identify the specific Wales line. It makes sense for cutting through break Wales’s line.

Checking Parameters after Slitting:

The following parameters are checked after slitting. They are-

  1. Cutting Line Check: Firstly, fabric cutting line is checked by the operator of the slitting machine. Operator checks that the rotary blade cut fabric through break Wales’s line or not.
  2. Bow and Slant check: Secondly, bow and slant is checked in the delivery side of the machine by the operator.
  3. Fabric Faults: Lastly,various fabric faults also checked in slitting process.

In sum, different branded slitter machine is available in the market. So, choose your required one and perform your slitting operation.

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