Flow Chart Of Knit Mercerizing Process | Cotton Knit Dyeing

We know that mercerizing is a additional process to improve the physical and chemical properties of the cotton yarn or fabric. For cotton knit dyeing; mercerizing is done before dyeing. Mercerized fabric is more suitable than the unmercerized fabric. This process also depends on the buyer requirement. It is not a common operation for the cotton fabric. It is done for the sophisticated fabric. The machine which is used that is vertical type. It consists of vertical washing chamber.

Types of mercerizing process: Mercerizing can be done in the following three stage of the products:

  • Grey mercerization (Knitted fabric before dyeing)
  • Fabric mercerization(Yarn dyed fabric)
  • Collar & Cuff mercerization.

Frequency of mercerization: Mercerizing process could be two types.

  • Single Mercerization
  • Double Mercerization

Flow chart of mercerization process:

 Fabric entered in mercerizing machine

Impregnation in reaction chamber

Hot wash


Hot wash


I have given the basic idea about mercerizing process. So, do the same which is given in above.

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