Working Procedure Of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) | Treatment Of Waste Water

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is essential to purify the waste water which is come from different types of manufacturing industry like textile, ternary, dyes and chemical manufacturing industry, pharmaceuticals etc. Different environment saving organizations are trying to protect the environment from the harmful effect of the effluent. Different waste water has different characteristics which pollute the water.

Process flow chart of effluent treatment with effluent treatment plant: Following is the basic structure of effluent treatment plant.

Effluent from different manufacturing industry

Primary Filtration

Cooling and Mixing

Neutralization (by acid or alkali)

Chemical Co-agulation

Settling and Separation of Sludge

Pressure Filtration


Now, I like to give a short description about the sequence of operation in effluent treatment plant.

Primary Filtration: It is the first stage of effluent treatment plant, where effluent is come from weaving, dyeing, printing or finishing unit. Here primary filtration is performed to remove solid waste particles.

Cooling and Mixing: In this stage, different types of effluent are mixed and cool down by the help of motor which run a fan.

Neutralization Tank: After cooling and mixing; effluent is transferred to neutralization tank by the help of pump. Here, acid or alkali is mixed to neutralize the effluent. A pH meter is placed in the neutralization tank.

Co-agulant Bath: After neutralization of effluent; effluent is transferred to a co-agulant bath. Here, co-agulant is added with the effluent.

Settling Tank: In here; effluent separates from the water and it found in the lower level of the tank. Effluent is like as sludge.

Pressure Filter: Here, filtration is done under pressure. A certain amount of pressure is created here.

Carbon Filtration: It is an optional filter process.

Discharge to Drain: After completion of all the process, the effluent becomes purify and it becomes safe to drain to the environment.

When treated water is drain to the environment it is checked by the different testing lab. Different standard is maintained during discharge of the treated effluent.

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        I want to know more about of ETP. and also chemically dosing in diiferent stages like equalization tank,aeration much COD & BOD….How to control.

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        can you tell me the proportion of each element in effluent water after dyeing in textile mill?

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  1. Please guide me,from where can i start learning the Full ETP process,as i am new in this.I want to be technically sound in this.

    1. because next step is neutralization by acid or base which is highly exothermic process so we take precooled input for neutralization.

  2. please guide me.Actully we have ultra filtration plant and sewege treatment plant.the rinsing water coming from Uf we send to STP can we do this process or we stop it.what effect was caused if we mix that rinsing water with STP.bcoz the mixture contain odour.

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    Please guide us to operate, maintenance, how to make daily log records and materials to be used to treating waste water.

  4. Sir, for better description of ETP process, the chemicals names includes which are used for ETP process Should be described with every process step.

    1. primary treatment : here removal of sludge and oil & greases.

      Secondary treatment: here removal of COD and Other Organic matter and on Bacteria devaloped.

      Tertiary treatment: Here removal of SS, TDS And Odour.

      * I Known this matter in ETP.

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  13. this is polymer and water treatment chemicals industry…. we are facing difficulties with highly viscous which is unable to pump or transfer through transfer pump, having high ammonical nitrogen and highly conductive….plz suggest me to treat the effluent efficiently…

  14. Sir we are also fallowing same method with alum, lime and poly. without areation. And the water to be treated is from the processing of jam pickle and sauce.
    The problem is bad smell.

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    I am working in plating department of door fitting hardware of brass zinc and aluminium material here many type of chemical uses like sulphuric acid ,hcl,chrome salt, caustic soda kindly provide me process of etp of waste water mixed with acid and base
    I am generally use caustic soda for ph valence sodium metabi sulphate for acid neutralize and poly electrolyte but water could not be clear it look greenish water so what should i do??

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    Good day to you. I am an officer of textile ETP. I want to know the update information of ETP in details so that i can overcome all of the trouble shooting of ETP. Such as , what happened in Biological Plant when air,waste water and bacteria are mixed. Classification of Foam and how can i identify and remove.

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