Types and Applications of Industrial Technical Textile Products

Industrial Technical Textile

Industrial technical textiles have great demand in modern life. Nevertheless, different types of industrial technical textiles play an important role in providing better performance than conventional textile products. Technical textile is the demand of time because it is a consumer-driven product. However, technical textile is popular for their functions and performance. Moreover, depending on the manufacturing unit of hi-tech textile, the textile industry could be classified as the below.

Types and Applications of Industrial Technical Textile
Types and Applications of Industrial Technical Textile Products

Types and Applications of Industrial Technical Textile

Technical textile has a specific area for which they manufacture. The following are the types of technical textile and the applications of technical textile in the industry. They are –

Agro Textiles Industry:

The product that is produced here is used for different agro purposes such as horticulture, gardening, agriculture, forestry, animal keeping, and others.

Clothing Textiles Industry:

Clothing manufacturing is a big area of technical textile industry. Garments and shoes are such types of products.

Geo Textiles Industry:

It is a another important types of technical textile. In the geotextile industry, the products which are produced here are used in different fields such as road infrastructure, railways, waste landfills, dams, irrigation, hydraulic structures, etc.

Eco Textiles Industry:

Eco textiles are used for environmental protection, recycling, and waste disposal consequently.

Construction Textiles Industry:

In construction, various types of technical textiles are also used.

Medical Textiles Industry:

Technical textiles are also used for medical purposes. Besides, it is used for hygiene and medicine.

Industrial Textiles Industry:

Industrial technical textile products are used for filtration, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering as well as cleaning, etc.

Home Textiles Industry:

In-home, different textile products are used. However, they are used as furniture, floor coverings, rugs, interior furnishing, upholstery, etc.

Packing Textiles Industry:

Technical textiles are also used for packing purposes. Packing textiles are surely used in packing, protective cover systems, container systems, sacks, big bags, etc.

Sports Textiles Industry:

In the sports textile industry; they manufactured sport and leisurewear, activewear, outdoor wear, and sports articles.

Protective Textiles Industry:

Protective textiles are used for protecting people and property.

Transport Textiles Industry:

In transport; various types of parts are manufactured in the transport textile industry. The product which is manufactured in such industries is used in cars, ships, aircraft, trains, buses, and other transporting system.

In sum, there is a lot of industry where various types of technical textiles are manufactured. So, it is important to know about types and applications of industrial technical textile products before production and use.

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