Top Hemp Producers Country Of The World || Hard Fiber Producers

Hemp is a strong fiber. It contains about 70% cellulose and contains 8-10% lignin. The fiber diameter ranges from 16 to 50 microns. Hemp is a hard fiber. The uses of hemp fiber are not as popular as the other natural fiber. However, hemp is used to make rope, canvas and paper. Hemp is used to spin for making yarn which is used to make cloth by weaving. Home furnishing instruments and floor coverage also made from this hemp fiber. It can be used as a bled fiber with others fiber. There are lots of scopes where one can use hemp fiber. Top Hemp Producers Country of the World: Hemp is cultivated in the some parts of the world. In some countries, hemp cultivation is restricted for marijuana production. Because both plant has some similarity which falls in confusion to their identification. Anyhow, here, I have listed the most hemp producing countries name of the world. They are- • China • Republic of Korea • France • Chile • Romania • Russia • Italy So, above is the hemp producing countries. The serial of the country could be changed based on the production rate.

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