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Working Mechanism Of Hydro-Extractor | Evaluation Of Efficiency Of Hydro-Extractor

In yarn dyeing process; hydro extractor section plays an important role after passing dyeing section. Hydro extractor which is used for package yarn is different from the hydro extractor which is used for fabric.

Hydro-extractor is essential to remove excess water from the package. About 60-70% water removes by hydro-extractor. After passing dyeing section package enter into Hydro-extractor section.

Machine Description: It needs to know about a machine before using it. So before selection of a machine, ones should get the information which is given bellow. I have presented a machine profile with some data which is essential to know.

Brand Name      : DETTINS.P.A

Country Origin   : ITALY

Model              : BERTA 24 T.E

Rotation          : 1500 rpm (Maximum)

No. of Arm       : 04

No. of Spindle   : 64

Power             : 15, 8 kW

Alimentation     : 400 Volts, 50 HZ

Working Mechanism of Hydro-Extractor: Every manufacturer supplies a prospectus in which they supply all information about the machine and its working procedure. I have described the working mechanism of a hydro extractor by my working experience. Dyed yarn package placed on spindle then entered into basket. The basket consists of a central spindle on which the head of the arm is placed. The wall of the basket is perforated. The basket rotates at high rate of speed up to 1500 rpm. The excess water is removed by the centrifugal force. Up to 70% water is removed by this machine. Then yarn package transferred into dryer.

Evaluation of Efficiency of Hydro-Extractor: It needs to evaluate the efficiency of a hydro extractor because it determines the working power of a hydro extractor. For this reason I like to give an evaluation process of efficiency of a hydro extractor.


Weight of double yarn package before dyeing                 =          1.2 Kg

Weight of double yarn package with water before Hydro   =   3.49 Kg

Weight of water in double yarn package before Hydro       = (3.49 – 1.2) Kg

=  2.29 Kg


Weight of package after Hydro         =  2.034 Kg

Water remain in package after Hydro =  (2.034 – 1.2) Kg  =  0.834 Kg

Water remove by Hydro-Extractor     =  (2.29 – 0.834) Kg =  1.456 kg


Efficiency  = {(Weight of water before Hydro – Water remain after Hydro) – Weight of water before Hydro} X 100%

= {(2.29 – 0.834) – 2.29} X 100%

= 0.63 X 100%

= 63%

Efficiency of Hydro-Extractor = 63%

After passing hydro-extractor section yarn packages are send to dryer section for removing remaining water.

So, using of a hydro extractor should be perfect. Also we have to care full about the fault which could be occur during this process.