Derivatives, And Uses Of Plain Weave

Plain Weave Plain weave is the most basic of three fundamental types of textile weaves. However, this plain weave is also called tabby weave, linen weave, or taffeta weave. The Plain fabric has a basic design structure. If anyone wants to get success he have to do something more than that of design. For this reason various types of derivatives of plain … Read more

Classification Of Plain Cloth | Effect Of EPI And PPI On Plain Cloth Structure

Plain Cloth Plain cloth structure is formed by the interlacement of warp and weft yarn in the alternative order. So, all plain cloth has the same design but it is possible to modify the appearance of the plain cloth by adding some properties to the fabric structure. So, we should be careful during the weaving … Read more

Properties, Types, And Ornamentation Techniques Of Plain Weave

Plain Weave Plain weave is the simplest weave structure among all of the designs of woven fabric. Most of the woven fabrics are manufactured by this weave. Very tight fabric is formed by this plain weave. In this weave structure, weft yarn passes through the warp alternatively. Properties of Plain Weave: Plain weave has the … Read more