Supply Chain of Automotive Technical Textiles

Automotive Technical Textiles Automative technical textiles are part of the textile sector. Besides this, it is one type of technical textile end-use. Especially, this term is related to accordance with the vehicle. To illustrate that, the term automotive technical textile means all kinds of textile components such as fibers, filaments, yarns, and the fabric used … Read more

Types And Applications Of Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing Protective technical clothing is used to protect from various types of harmful effects of the workplace or environment. In our everyday life, we do more or less work; all work is not the same in type. Some are heavy and some are light. When we do work we need to be careful about … Read more

Flow Chart Of Designing Technical Textile Products

Designing Technical Textile Products Technical textile is the demand of modern times when it is known that technical textile is a customer-driven product. So, the technical textile product is produced by the manufacturer to satisfy the customer demand. If we see then we will see that, the material which is used to produce a technical … Read more