Basic Differences Between Shuttle Loom And Shuttleless Loom

Loom Loom is a fabric weaving machine that is used to produce woven fabric by means of the insertion of warp and weft yarn with a mechanical device. Different technology uses for producing woven fabric. Based on the weft insertion method, weaving looms can be divided into two types. They are- Shuttle Loom Shuttle loom … Read more

Semi-Automatic And Automatic Shuttle Loom Machine || Shuttle Looms For Jute Fabric Production In Jute Mills

Semi-Automatic And Automatic Shuttle Loom Machine Shuttle looms are conventional loom types. Chiefly, there are three types of shuttle loom. Generally, semi-automatic and automatic shuttle loom machines use for jute fabric production In jute mills. Although, all of the shuttle loom’s weaving principles are the same only the process of shuttle changing is differ from … Read more

Types Of Shuttle Loom || Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shuttle Loom

Shuttle Loom A shuttle loom is a conventional loom type. In a shuttle loom, the shuttle carries the weft yarn through the warp yarn shed to form interlacement to produce fabric in the weaving process. In the fabric manufacturing process, the manufacturer considers which way they will run their production unit. How much investment will … Read more

Shuttle Loom Parts || Functions Of Different Shuttle Loom Parts

Shuttle Loom Parts The shuttle looms are used for the weaving process. When this loom has a different variety. Also, the shuttle loom is the most common loom set up in the industry among all of the looms types. Therefore, it is very important to know, how many parts contain in a shuttle loom. Basically, … Read more