Shuttleless Loom Types || Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shuttleless Loom

Shuttleless Loom The shuttleless loom is the modern loom. Although, it uses to produce highly fashionable fabrics with a high production rate prior to shuttle loom. In modern times, the use of shuttle less looms is increasing rapidly. The shuttle less loom has specific characteristics and applications method for the weaving process. Besides, the shuttle … Read more

Projectile Loom || Different Parts Of A Projectile Weaving Machine

Projectile Weaving Machine A projectile loom is a shuttleless loom. Chiefly, it uses widely in fabric production. In this projectile loom, the filling of yarn is done by using a small metal device resembling a bullet in appearance with a clamp for gripping the yarn at one end, which is then propelled into and through … Read more