Process Sequence Of Topping For Cotton Fabric Dyeing

Topping For Cotton Fabric Topping is defined as the addition of color to the fabric after completing one dyeing process. Sometimes it is found that the dyed fabrics do not match with the standard or buyer-approved swatch then it needs to be re-dyeing, this process is called topping. The tipping sequence is near similar to … Read more

Process Flow Chart For Cotton Yarn Dyeing | Light Shade Cotton Dyeing (Less Than 1%)

Cotton Dyeing Yarn dyeing is one type of package dyeing which is done in different dyeing machines. However, different shaded yarn s produced by the dyeing process. On the yarn dyeing floor; the process for cotton yarn can be vary depending on the individual procedure of a textile engineer or a dyeing master. I have … Read more

Process Flow Chart OF Cotton Knit Dyeing | Batching To Finishing

Cotton Knit Dyeing Dyeing process is carried out with the help of dyes and chemicals. Different types are used for dyeing knit fabric. Cotton dyeing is the most important dyeing operation among all the dyeing processes. From spinning to garments to finished goods, a line of processes is maintained. Process Flow Chart OF Cotton Knit … Read more