Different Quality Control Test In Jute Mills

Jute Quality Test Jute quality is a must for getting a good price for the finished goods undoubtedly. So, it is important to ensure the quality of the finished goods. Earlier, this quality should be ensured from the beginning of production. Therefore, the quality tests should be started from the jute section to the finishing … Read more

Types Of On Line Quality Control System

Quality Control System On-line quality control is a system that is performed during manufacturing. During this checking, if any faults are found in materials, one should take the necessary steps to reduce the fault or to stop the process and take the necessary steps to recover it. Types of Quality Control System There are two … Read more

Thread Counting System And Their Application In Fabric Manufacturing

Thread Counting System In the fabric manufacturing process, thread selection is important to get the proper GSM of a fabric. Generally, when the consumption of fabric is done then it is fixed how much yarn will be used in fabric production. Basically, after producing a fabric, thread per inch in warp and weft direction is … Read more

How To Identify Warp And Weft Yarn Of A Woven Fabric?

Warp And Weft Yarn In woven fabric construction; two types of yarn are used: warp and weft yarn. It is important to know the number of yarn in a woven fabric. To know that, warp and weft yarn are calculated by an EPI and PPI test. To calculate that, we have to identify the warp … Read more