Types, Features, And Uses of Matt Weave

Matt Weave Matt weave is one of the derivatives of plain weave. It is also known as hopsack or basket weaving. We know plain weave has three derivatives: warp rib, weft rib, and matt rib. Matt weave fabric has a more flexible and smooth surface than plain weave. The matty weave has different types, and … Read more

Features Of Weft Rib Structure || Name Of Rib Fabrics

Weft Rib The main characteristic of plain rib weave is that it produces ribs or cords in the warp or weft directions. If the cords or ribs produce in the weft direction then it is called warp rib and if the cords or ribs produce in the warp direction then it is called weft rib. … Read more

Characteristics Of Warp Rib || Regular And Irregular Warp Rib

Warp Rib Warp rib and weft rib is the derivatives of the plain weave. This warp and weft rib also can be classified into regular and irregular ribs. There are differences in the structure of the fabric. So, we need to know the characteristics of the warp and weft rib of the plain weave. Characteristics … Read more