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Loom Motions Mechanism || Classification Of Loom Motions

Weaving is done by interlacing of warp and weft yarn. In order to making a normal or fancy designed fabric, it is essential to weave. Weaving is done by different types of loom. Loom is run by a define motion mechanism. Here, I have described the motion of loom.

Classification Of Loom Motion: In order to produce weaved fabric, it is essential to done three necessary motions. They are-

  1. Primary motions
  2. Secondary motions
  3. Tertiary motions

Now, I like to classify above classification. They are-

Primary motions: The mechanism without which it is not possible to weave a fabric that is called fundamental or primary motion. Primary motions are divided into three parts. They are-

  • Shedding mechanism: Shedding mechanism is done by separating warp yarns into two layers. Shedding helps to pass shuttle or other device from one part to other parts of shuttle box.
  • Picking mechanism: Picking is done through shed. By the picking mechanism, weft yarn pass from one box to other box.
  • Beating mechanism: Beating is done by pushing the newly inserted length of weft yarn.

Above three motions have a specific motion ratio, by which primary motion is completed.

Secondary motions: Secondary motions are important after primary motion. Secondary motions are-

  • Let-off motion: Let off motion is called warp control motion. This motion delivers warp yarn to weaving area at the required rate. Let off is done from the weavers beam.
  • Take-up motion: After weaving the fabric, it is required to collect the fabric in a roll form. Take up motion withdraws fabrics from the weaving area at the constant rate.

Tertiary motions: Tertiary motion is done to smooth the weaving process. This is done for high productivity and good quality of fabric. This is done additionally for this reason it is also called auxiliary motion. Tertiary motions are-

  • Warp stop motion
  • Weft stop motion
  • Warp protector mechanism
  • Warp mixing motion
  • Cutter
  • Temples
  • Brake
  • Selvedge
  • Tension Sensor

So, that’s all about loom motions.