List of Textile Diploma Institutes under Department Of Textiles (DOT) In Bangladesh | Public Textile Diploma Institutes

Textile engineering degree is one of the demandable program in Bangladesh. As we know that, Bangladesh is a leading garments manufacturing and exporting country in the world. For fulfilling the demand of textile engineers. The government of Bangladesh runs eight textile engineering colleges under department of textiles. They are: Textile Institute, Chattogram Textile Institute, Tangail … Read more

How To Be A Great Fashion Designer || Steps To Become A Fashion Designer

Fashion designing is a creative job. If you have enough creativity then you can decide to be a fashion designer. Fashion designer should have broad knowledge about the present and past fashion. By mixing the both knowledge one can make a future design. Fashion designer should be aware of the color and matching. Every man … Read more

Top Clothes Design Schools In USA || Fashion Arts And Merchandising Courses

Clothes design school is responsible for providing quality education regarding fashion design, fashion arts, apparel marketing, merchandising etc. Most of the schools provide undergraduate and graduate degree. Different courses like fashion design, business, illustration, styling, fashion merchandising, knitwear design, textile design, fashion journalism, fashion marketing and management, accessories design, jewelry design, costume design, beauty program, … Read more