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Star Jute Mills Limited (SJML) || BJMC Jute Mills Overview

BJMC is the world largest corporation. It is the government owned corporation. Star jute mills limited is one of the jute mills which is governed under the BJMC. This jute mills is situated at Khulna zone of BJMC. From the beginning of star jute industry, this jute mills runs properly till now. As one of the government jute industry, one should know about star jute mills limited.

Star jute mill is situated in the industrial zone of Khulna. The mailing address of star jute mills is Village: Chandanimahal, P.O: Chandani Mahal, P.S: Dighalia, Town-Khalishpur, Dist: Khulna. Star jute mill is situated in the eastern bank of Bhairab river. This is a wonderful place for establishing industry. Most export and import work is done by ship through this river.

Star jute is established in 1955. Commercially it started its production in 1958. It has two production units. Second unit started its production in 1967. Two types of jute goods are produced in star jute mills. Hessian jute goods are produced in unit-1 and sacking jute goods are produced in unit-2. Before the independence of Bangladesh, star jute mills was the private industry but after the independence of Bangladesh, star jute mills was incorporated with BJMC in 26/03/1972 by president ordinance-27. The area of star jute mills is about 56.31 Acres. This area consist of mill building, office building, jute godown, guest house, school building, masque and madrasah, canteen, labor club, officer’s club, residential building, labor colony and open field. Most of the open space is covered by green trees. This makes it environmentally wonderful.

Star jute mills limited is a production related industry so one should know about the production related information of star jute mills. From the latest information of star jute mills is that it has 428 looms for hessian production and 172 looms for sacking production where established hessian loom is 560 and sacking loom is 200. Totally established hessian and sacking looms are 760 and running hessian and sacking looms are 600. Every production industry has a production target which needs to achieve by the fixed time and schedule. The monthly production target for 359 hessian looms is 402 M.Tons and sacking production target for 196 looms is 698 M.Tons. This production target is fixed on standard production parameter.

Star jute mills produced verity of hessian and sacking jute goods. In hessian unit of SJML, they have 37.5’’, 42.5’’, 46.5’’, 52.5’’, 68.5’’ and 90’’ R.S looms. For this reason they can produce short and large widths cloth. Besides on this, they have nice factory layout. They have most facility for better production. Hessian goods are sold in bags and cloth form. In sacking unit, they produce different standard sacking bags.

The product of Star jute mills is sold in domestic and international market. They have strong export department for sailing finished jute goods in the market. To communicate with the authority of star jute mills one can send e-mail to starjutemills@gmail.com, starjutemills@yahoo.com, star.export2014@gmail.com and starjutemillsschool1970@gmail.com. Besides on this, one can communicate through phone number like 041-890060, 041-890070 and 041-890094. Also they have fax number 041-890097.

Star jute mills is a government business industry. In SJML, officers, stuff and labors are responsible for the improvement of sjml. They are trying to get their targeted production range by best labor. This industry also reserves all the rights of labor.

By producing natural jute finished goods, sjml also fulfill its social responsible to the society.

So, keep updated to gets latest information about star jute mills limited (SJML).