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Top Jute Exporting Countries Of The World || Raw Jute Trading

Jute is the natural fiber. It is eco-friendly for the environment. The demand of jute goods are increasing day by day. The raw jute producing countries are exporting raw jute to the raw jute importing countries. By exporting raw jute different jute growing countries are earning huge foreign currency for their country.

Top Jute Exporting Countries of the World: In the world trade, jute sector takes a great place. It is great news for the farmer who is growing jute because peoples are feeling the demand of natural fiber. Jute fibers are cheaper than cotton fiber. Here, I have listed most raw jute exporting countries name. They are-

  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Pakistan
  • Tanzania

So, that’s all about the top raw jute exporting country.

Top Jute Importing Countries Of The World || Raw Jute Trade

Jute is a natural fiber. It is grows in the sub-continent area, especially in Bangladesh and India. The jute growing countries are exports their produced jute into the jute importing countries. Jute importers are using this imported jute to manufacture different jute goods for their uses. The jute importing countries are exporting different jute products to the jute products importing countries.

Top Jute Importing Countries of the World: China is the biggest trade market in the world. China dominated in the world trade market. Here, I have listed top jute importing countries name list. They are-

  • China
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Nepal
  • Cote d’Ivoire

So, all of the above listed countries are the most jute importers of the world. Jute importers are generally imports raw jute from the jute growing countries.

Top Jute Products Importing Countries Of The World || Jute Goods Business

Jute is the golden fiber. It is 100% natural fiber. The product which is produced from the raw jute that is eco friendly for the environment. In the modern times, peoples are aware about the safety of the environment. For this reason, men are looking for the natural products. To fulfill the demand of the jute goods, jute producing countries are manufacturing jute goods from the raw jute. Different jute goods exporting countries has specific country destination. Here, I have tried to combine the top jute goods importing countries name list. This list serial could be varying but they are the most jute goods importing countries.

Top Jute Products Importing Countries Of The World: China is the largest jute goods exporting country. Here, I have listed top jute goods importing countries of the world. They are-

  1. USA
  2. Turkey
  3. Egypt
  4. Saudi Arab
  5. K
  6. Belgium
  7. Netherland
  8. Germany
  9. Ghana
  10. United Arab Emirates
  11. Indonesia
  12. Australia
  13. Zimbabwe
  14. Tanzania
  15. Italy
  16. Syria
  17. Japan
  18. Canada
  19. Iran
  20. Cote D’Ivoire

So, above list is the top jute importing countries. To make this world free from pollution, we should use jute goods.