Features of Conveyor Press Fusing Machine | Working Principle Of Conveyor Press Fusing Machine

Conveyor Press Machine A conveyor press is a fusion machine. It is a continuous method for fusing interlining with fabrics. Additionally, it is the most used heat pressing machine. It is more comfortable than electric iron or flatbed heat press machine. Parts of Conveyor Press Fusing Machine The conveyor press machine consists of a Display … Read more

Working Principle Of Flat Bed Heat Press Fusing Machine

Flat Bed Heat Press Fusing Machine A flatbed heat press machine is used for the discontinuous method of fusing. It is comparatively more suitable than an electric iron. It is a handy machine that consists of a Handle, Head, and Buck. Here, the Head is moveable and Buck is fixed. I have written about the … Read more

Working Principles Of Electric Iron For Fusible Interlining Making

Electric Iron An electric iron is one of the important fusing machines used for making fusible interlining. An electric iron is used for the batch method or discontinuous method of fusing. This method is not so suitable for the large-scale apparel industry. It is generally used for small-scale interlining production. It is mostly used in … Read more