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Payment Types || Important Payment Terms And Its Uses In Business Dealings

Payment is the major points in business dealings. The payment is done between the seller and the buyer. This payment is done in various ways. I have written about the quotation and price fixation methods of products. All of the dealings become success by a payment. When a manufacturer gets his or her payment he or she becomes very happy. He becomes interested to deal more with that’s buyer.

In the modern age, most of the payment is done in online banking system. So, it becomes easy to get the payment within a short time. When a seller deals with a domestic or foreign buyer he or she should maintain a clear dealing methods. Different payment terms are used for these dealings.

Payments types: Business man follows some payment methods during dealings. They are-

  1. Spot Cash: If the buyer gives the payment during goods receiving then this dealing is called spot cash. Cash is given in hand to hand.
  2. Prompt Cash: If the buyer gives the payment within short time after sending goods challan.
  3. Net Cash: If the payment fixed after reducing commission and other expenses then it is called net cash. It is the actual cost of the goods.
  4. Cash With Order (C.W.O): If the buyer sends money during goods order then it is called cash with order. Buyer gives order with money.
  5. Cash on Delivery: If the buyer gives payment during goods receiving then it is called cash on delivery.
  6. Deferred payment: Sometimes buyer gives payment at a time or with some installment after receiving the goods that is called deferred payment system. Most the dealing is done in this process.
  7. Bill of Lading: In this bill all the information about the goods are enlisted.

So, there are lots of payment systems of business. The payment status depends on the size of payment. During payment, seller should give the vat and other excise duty of that’s country. It is need to take clearance of that’s country.

So, take decision by which method you will complete your deal. Always give thanks after receive the payment.

Principles And Working Procedure Of Computerized Knife Cutter

Computerized knife cutter is a modern fabric cutting system. Various types of cutting instruments are used for fabric cutting in garment industry.

Principles Of Computerized Knife Cutter: The principles of computerized knife cutting system are given below.

Working Procedure Of Computerized Knife Cutter: The working procedures of computerized knife cutter are given below. They are –

  1. A perforated table is used for knife cutter.
  2. Under the perforated table an Air suction unit is available.
  3. A beam is placed widthwise of the table which runs lengthwise.
  4. Beam contents a knife which moves widthwise of the table.
  5. When switch is on the cutter, then cutting start at the starting point and cutting continued until finish the marker in CAD

Advantage: The advantage of computerized knife cutter is that, it is suitable for high quality cutting.


  1. High investment cost is needed for computerized knife cutter.
  2. Also, skilled operator is needed for operating this cutting.

So, computerized knife cutter is essential for modern cutting operation. If anyone wants to get high production, he should set up a computerized knife cutter for fabric cutting.

Features Of Water Jet Cutter For Garment Cutting

Water jet cutter is a modern cutting instrument. It is run by a computerized system. Special software is used for doing this cutting. Laser cutter and water jet cutter both are operated by computer.

Features Of Water Jet Cutter: The features of water jet cutter are given below. They are –

  1. Water jet cutter is consisting of water pump and nozzle.
  2. Special software used to cut wood or fabric.
  3. In water jet cutter, water is used to cut wood or fabric which is controlled by computer.
  4. For doing this cutting, ice table is used.

Water jet cutter is not suitable for fabric cutting but this cutter is under research to cut fabric.