Procedure Of Drying Twist Test For Fiber Identification

Drying Twist Test Drying twist test is important to test for fiber identification. Here, textile fiber is identified by the direction of the twist. Fiber could be twisted in the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. By observing the twist direction we can identify the fiber types. Procedure of Drying Twist Test: Here, I have given a … Read more

Physical and Chemical Properties of Jute Fiber | Identity of Jute Fiber

Jute Fiber Jute is a bast fiber. Additionally, the fibers that come from the inner bark of the plants are known as bast fiber. Basically, different types of natural and man-made fibers are available in the world. So it is essential to know the properties of fibers because without knowing them, it is not possible … Read more

Golden Fiber | Jute Industries In Bangladesh

Jute Fiber The golden color is a favorite of people. I also like the golden color. Also, you may hear about the pride of Bangladesh which is named golden fibers. Yes, I say about jute, which is so-called. Jute industries in Bangladesh play a vital role in the economy of the country. Jute is a … Read more