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How to Improve Productivity || Reduction of Process Loss in Jute Mills

In this present age every man wants to get most benefit from his investment. For this reason they are interested to get maximum output from low input. To ensure that one should be careful before start a project. One should be calculative in every steps of investment. Poor management could be harmful. So management should be strong. Skilled personnel are needed for that. Man, Machine, Money Should available. I represents some suggestions to improve the productivity of jute mills as well as textile sectors and others industry.



Way to improve productivity in jute mills:

  • Standard moisture content in jute should be ensured.
  • Moisture content and correct weightiest of jute received in jute mills should be properly recorded in the register meant for the purpose under attention by the competent officers on jute and batching department.
  • Process stock taking should be done by carefully in terms on last Friday of every month in accordance with the guide line enclosed. They should be composed of –
  1. Project Head
  2. Accounts Head
  3. Production Manager
  4. Deputy Manager
  5. Concern Department
  • Quantity of jute received in batching department should ensure.
  • Regular checking on the procurement and issue of actual quality of Jute Batching Oil (J.B.O) by competent personnel is must.
  • Preparation and application of emulsion on jute should be properly.
  • Jute should be conditioned properly in the batching department. Even cut jute should be conditioned at least of 24 hours.
  • Correct grade and quality of jute should be received in the jute department.
  • Maintenance department must ensure proper setting and gauging of different rollers of carding machine.
  • Proper carding ratio for different qualities of yarn should be regularly checked and maintain.
  • The surface of the tin cylinder should be uniform and smooth.
  • Standard twist for respective yarn should be maintained and excessive twist should avoid.
  • Thread wastage should be minimized and bring down to standard as per guide line.
  • Starch ingredient should be checked. Over drying and under drying in sizing should be avoided.
  • Weaving and finishing department should ensure the application of water in dry beaming and damping.
  • Recovery of the caddis from dust must be ensured and only actual dust should be thrown out after proper weightiest and entry into the register.
  • Standard packing of finished goods must be ensured. In dry case it should never exceed 0.5 to 1% and standard for Hessian, Sacking C.B.C respectively.
  • Representation of jute and batching department responsible for checking issue and receipt of raw jute should be placed frequently.

At last, the main factors to improve productivity through optimum utilization of the inputs may be listed as:

a)      Human resource which requires careful handling for optimum output.

b)      Control of input materials in terms of quality, quantity and cost.

c)      Overall calculation is needed to reduce losses in the industry.


So, we can implement above factors in our practical life. I am sure production process loss will reduce and productivity will improve. One will reach his/her goal.

Jute Goods | Eco-Friendly Products

All of we know that, this world becomes unsafe and unhealthy for different types of problems. But who is responsible for that, simple answer is that we (mankind). Day by day we are creating this worst situation. This earth becomes hot for our ignorance. In this modern time we use such kind of things which is not environment friendly. We are increasing the use of synthetic products which create different dangerous and harmful diseases to human body. We are not aware about our environment.

Natural products are safe for environment. In this view we can think about jute which is natural fiber. The product which is made from jute that is safe for us. Now I want to say why we use Jute products:

  1.  Jute fiber is a natural fiber.
  2.  Jute and its products are bio-degradable.
  3.  Jute product is eco friendly.
  4.  Jute products can be reuse.
  5.  It does not harmful for environment.
  6.  Jute product is easy to handle.
  7.  Jute product can be use in heavy purpose.
  8.  Decorative product can be made from jute.
  9.  With modern technology jute can be use with cotton to produce decorative wear.

Jute fiber is the raw materials. Jute fibers use to produce different types of product which is available in local and international market. Different jute goods manufacturers are trying to improve the quality of jute goods. Following jute goods are common in market.

  • C.B.C (Carpet Backing Cloth): This is one of the most valuable goods of jute. It uses as the carpet backing cloth. High graded raw jute use to produce it.
  • Hessian Cloth: Hessian cloth is a plain weave cloth produced from single warp and weft of jute. It uses for making bags or as a cover to pack the materials. It uses in agro based industries for packing rice, wool, tobacco, coffee, potatoes, tea, onion, wheat and many more. Also it can find in roll form which use to cover different things.
  • Hessian Bags: Hessian jute bags are eco-friendly and bio-degradable. It uses in different types of packing. It is highly durable and eco friendly.
  • Sacking Bags: Sacking bags are the main product. It uses to pack food grain, sugar, fertilizer, cement, etc. Generally it uses to pack heavy weight, ranges 50 to 100 kg. Different types of sacking bags are available named as A Twill, B Twill, B Nola, Hy.Cess, D.W, Flour, Cement Bags and others depending on buyer’s requirement.
  • Twine yarn: It can be single or multiple fly. Also it can be in grey or dyed form. Winding is done in conical, cylindrical or cone less spools form or hanks form in order to buyer specifications. It is extensively used in cable industry, carpet industry and many more.
  • Geo Jute: It is extensively used to protect soil from wash out. It is used in river bank or dam to protect its soil form wash out in rainy seasons. Day by day its demand increases because it is eco friendly.
  • Sand Bags: It is made from 100% natural jute fiber and it is biodegradable. It is used to protect riverbank from erosion also used in military and variety of farm works.
  • Others: Different handy craft is made from jute which has a market demand. Also it is available in rope form which is used to bind different things.

Jute goods can be produce in grey or dyed form. Also printed jute goods are available. Different types of jute goods are produce depending on buyer requirement.

If we use natural fiber instead of synthetic goods then day by day environment will improve. Not only this jute but also any types of natural fiber (Cotton, Hemp, Silk or others) product can be used.

Most important thing is that, if we use jute product it will effect in root level to upper level. Farmers who cultivate Jute they will inspire to cultivate more jute. Producers of jute goods will inspire. Jute and jute goods related business will spread out.

So, we should use natural products in our every day chores.

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