Textile Dryer | Drying Machine Parameter Set Up For Relax Dryer

Textile Dryer In the textile finishing unit, a dryer is used to dry knit, woven fabrics, and dyed yarn. But the drying process and drying mechanism of yarn and fabrics are different from one another. In the dryer, drying and curing are done as required. Drying: The main function of a textile dryer is to … Read more

Functions Of Fabric Dryer | Quality Test After Drying Process

Knit Fabric Dryer The dryer is the third step of the finishing process of knit fabric. After passing the hydro-extractor and de-watering machine, the knit fabrics enter into the dryer. It is important to know about the efficiency of the dryer and production capacity. I have written about the dyed yarn drying process in one … Read more

Functions of De-Watering Machine And Their Parts

De-Watering Machine The De-Watering machine plays an important role in the finishing section of the knit fabrics. A de-watering machine is used for reducing the remaining water of the wet fabric. It reduces the water content of the fabric. Functions of De-Watering Machine And Their Parts: De-watering machine has different parts and every single part … Read more