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Top 10 Cotton Importers Of The World | Cotton Trade

Cotton trade occupied a huge market in the world trade. The cotton producing countries are looking to export their cultivated cotton to other countries for earning foreign exchange after fulfills their domestic demands. It is noted that, China is top cotton producing country of the world also they are the top importers of cotton. Because China is fast developing countries of the world in textile sector and they dominate in the world textile finished goods market.

Top 10 Cotton Importers of the World: The position of a country in the list could be changed but in most of the statistics show that the followings are the most cotton importers of the world. Generally, cotton is imported by the country where textile industries grow up rapidly. In the subcontinent, textile industry grows day by day specially in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Silence and they import their raw fiber from the other cotton exporting countries.

  1. China
  2. Turkey
  3. Indonesia
  4. Mexico
  5. Thailand
  6. Pakistan
  7. Russia
  8. South Korea
  9. Italy
  10. India

Cotton import and export is done depending on the cotton production and demand of cotton use. If we want to get excellent finished goods then we have to import good quality cotton fiber. For this reason, we have to know the characteristics of different countries cotton.

So, before import we have to be sure about the quality and properties of cotton.

Top 10 Cotton Exporting Countries Of the World | Cotton Trade

Cotton is most used fiber of the world. The demand of cotton is increased day by day. To fulfill the demand of raw cotton fiber different cotton producing countries are trying their best. Among all of the cotton producing countries USA is the best. USA farmers use high qualified seeds for the cultivation of cotton. They also research to improve the quality of cotton seeds and its cultivation process. Other things is that, cotton exports to other countries after fulfill the domestic demand.

Top 10 Cotton Exporting Countries of the World: In world cotton trade, following countries are the most cotton exporting countries. They are also top cotton growing countries. If we add the 5 largest countries together, we see that, they produce 75% of the world’s cotton. The 10 largest producers have an approx 87% share.

  1. USA
  2. Pakistan
  3. Russia
  4. China
  5. Australia
  6. Sudan
  7. Paraguay
  8. Brazil
  9. Egypt
  10. Mexico

Above ten cotton exporting countries are generally considered as the top cotton exporting countries but this position could be changed day by day.

What Is Cotton Fiber | Chemical Composition Of Cotton Fiber

Cotton is a natural fiber. The cotton plat Gossypium belongs to the genus Malvacae. Cotton is a cellulosic fiber. It is the back bone of the world’s textile trade. Cotton is produced from the seeds of the cotton plant. Cotton is attached to the seeds and separated by the ginning process. Many of our every day textiles are made from cotton. Cotton fabrics are hard weaving comfortable and capable of infinitive variety of weave and coloring.

I have written about physical and chemical properties of cotton and now I like to give the chemical composition of cotton for your kind information.

Chemical Composition of Cotton: Types of plant, soil and climate effects on the chemical composition of cotton fibers and the quantity of different elements of the cotton. Cellulose is the main component of cotton and it consists of 94% of 100%.

Cellulose                               : 94%

Protein                                 : 1-1.5%

Pectic Acid                           : 01%

Mineral Substances                : 01%

Acids, Sugars, Pigments          : 02%

Waxes                                 : 0.5%

Cotton is produced in various countries of the world and all of the cotton fibers have not same chemical properties it may vary depending on the geographical condition. Jute is another type of natural cellulosic fiber and cellulose is the main chemical components in its chemical composition.

So, try to find out the percentage of chemicals in cotton and compare it with standard one.