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Handloom Products With Places Of Production | Handloom Products For Local And International Business

Handloom products are popular in local and international market. In Bangladesh, handloom products are produced in some specific district. Each products has its own characteristics. This products are marketed by the weavers or the buyer buyers from the weavers. Bangladesh handloom board (BHB) helps the handloom weavers in the marketing of their products in local and international market.

The buyer can get their desired products from the specific place of production or from the market. In this article, I mentioned the products name list with the place of production. Now one can get the products very easily from the handloom weavers. This will be helpful for local and international trade. BHB also helps to marketing the products by their marketing promotion team.

Here is the list of product list and their place of production. They are:

Serial No. Handloom Products Name Place of Production
1 Jamdani Rupgonj and Sonargaon of Narayangonj District.
2 Benarasi Mirpur of Dhaka and Iswardi of Pabna.
3 Tangail Sharee(Cotton sharee, Half Silk, Soft Silk, Cotton Jamdani, Gas-mercerised Twisted Cotton Sharee, Dangoo Sharee, Balucherri) Tangail Sadar, Delduar and Kalihati, Nagorpur, Basail of Tangail District.
4 Handloom Cotton Sharee Shahjadpur, Belkuchi and Sadar of Serajgonj, Narsingdi and Pabna District.
5 Lungi Ruhitpur of Keranigonj and Dohar of Dhaka District, Shajadpur, Ullapara, Belkuchi, Sadar of Serajgonj District, Kumarkhali of Kushtia District, Sathia, Sadar and Bera of Pabna District.
6 Silk Sharee Sadar and Shibgonj of Chapai Nawabgonj and Rajshahi District.
7 Gamcha Ullapara and Kamarkhand of Serajgonj District, Jhalokathi & Gournadi of Barisal District, Fultola and Doulatpur of Khulna District, Jessore & Bogura District.
8 Cheek Fabrics Belkuchi of Serajgonj District.
9 Mosquito Nets Araihazar & Rupgonj of Narayangonj District, Shibpur and Sadar of Narsingdi District.
10 Bed Sheet & Bed Cover Kumarkhali of Kusthia District, Danga of Narsingdi District.
11 Sofa Cover Danga of Narsingdi District.
12 Rakhine Special Wear(Woolen Shirting , Woolen Bed Sheet, Ladies chadar, Bag, Lungi and Thami for tribal ladies) Taltoli of Borguna District, Kalapara, Rangabali of Patuakhali District and Cox’s Bazar District.
13 Tribal Fashion Wear(Thami for tribal ladies, Khati (Iobv), Ladies Chadar & Lungi Rangamati, Khagrachari & Bandarban Hill Districts.
14 Monipuri Fashion Garments (Monipuri Saree, Punek for ladies like lungi, Lungi , Un-stitched cloth (three pieces), Innachi (Iobv) & Vanety bag) Sylhet and Moulvibazar Districts.

So, contract with the local handloom products producer for collecting your desired products.

Services Given By Bangladesh Handloom Board (BHB) | BHB Potential

Bangladesh handloom board (BHB) is such types of organization which is responsible for doing needful action for the well fair of the handloom weavers. This organization is doing their work in the root level of the country. Handloom weavers and their product is the main concern of BHB. BHB make workshop for train up handloom weavers and sometime they trained the weavers from their training institute. Skilled and trained up instructors are doing their work for the handloom weavers.

Bangladesh handloom board gives lots of services to the handloom weavers. Followings are the major services which is given by BHB. They are:

  1. Country of origin certificate is given by BHB for the handloom products which is produced by handloom for exporting in the foreign country.
  2. BHB helps the members of weaver’s samiti to participate in local and international fair.
  3. BHB gives loan for small and local weavers for providing capital and to run up handloom which is canabalized.
  4. BHB gives the following services by their service center, such as twisting, dyeing, sizing, singing, washing, printing, stantering, calendaring and others.
  5. BHB gives training to the handloom weavers for improving their efficiency, product quality improvement, weaved goods production and improving technical efficiency.
  6. BHB is spread out their services for development the handloom weavers as well as for improvement the economics of the country.

In Bangladesh, handloom weavers is trying to manufacture products for the people. If handloom weavers properly trained up get loan and other facilities from the government then they will be able to make great contribution in the national GDP growth.

Bangladesh Handloom Board || Vision || Mission|| Function of BHB

Bangladesh handloom board (BHB) is a government organization of Bangladesh. This board is a part of the Ministry of Textile and Jute. BHB takes different steps for the development of handloom weavers.

Vision of Bangladesh Handloom Board:

  • To develop and sustain the handloom weaving industry by using developed technology.
  • To extend the handloom weaving industry with development the status of handloom weavers through all over the country.
  • To establish stronger handloom weaving industry.

Mission of Bangladesh Handloom Board:

  • To give service to the handloom weaver by country’s field related officials.
  • To united the handloom weavers by establishing different group.
  • Training program is arranged for increasing the production capacity, efficiency and quality of the products.
  • To finance the handloom weavers by microcredit program.
  • To provide special facility for Jamdhani and Benaroshi weavers.
  • To extend marketing facility of handloom weavers product through country and all over the world.

Functions of Bangladesh Handloom Board:

  • To facilities survey for counting handloom of the country and preserve the records.
  • To give service and develop the handloom industry.
  • Making microcredit facilities for the handloom weavers.
  • To provide essential instruments and raw materials for the handloom weavers.
  • Handloom board also give warehouse facility for the handloom weavers.
  •  Advertising is done by BHB for the extension of the products of handloom weavers.
  • Marketing is also done by BHB for handloom products.
  • Handloom weavers are trained up by different training program.
  • Different steps are taken by handloom board for the development of handloom weavers.

In Bangladesh, handloom products are attractive to the peoples of Bangladesh. Most of the general people use the products of handloom. Day by day, the range of handloom products are extended.