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What Is Azoic Color | Properties of Azoic Color

Azoic Color is produced by the combination of Naphtha or coupling component and Diazo component. Production procedure of Azoic Color is different from other dyes production process. Azoic color is different from other dye and its application process is also different.

Azoic Color is called Ice Color or magic color because it needs low temperature and after coupling color is produced within few seconds. Color fastness properties are good to excellent.

Properties of Azoic Color: Properties of Azoic Color is given below:

  • Azoic Color is a water insoluble dye.
  • Azoic Color is composed of two components; such as
  1. Azoic coupling component
  2. Azoic Diazo component
  • For color production, coupling is necessary.
  • Coupling is done in alkaline condition.
  • Applicable mainly for cellulosic fibers.
  • The time of application is lengthy.
  • Very bright shade can be produced by Azoic Color.
  • A fastness property of the textile material which is dyed by Azoic Color is good to excellent.
  • Azoic Color is comparatively cheap in price.
  • Dyeing process is run by three processes – Naphtholation, Diazotization and Coupling.
  • Final color is produced within few seconds after immersing the textile materials in the dye solution.

Azoic Color is used for coloring small amount of textile materials dyeing. It is suitable for small scale industry. Azoic color dyeing process is not popular as reactive dye or disperses dye dyeing.

So, select your dyes as you need.