Properties Of Bed Ford Cord || Types Of Bed Ford Cord

Bed ford cord is a fancy weave. It is an important weave to produce various types of decorative and heavier fabrics.

Types of Bed Ford Cord:

  1. Plain Faced Bed Ford Cord
  2. Wadded Bed Ford Cord
  3. Crepon Bed Ford Cord
  4. Bed Ford Cord arranged with alternatives picks
  5. Twill Faced Bed Ford Cord

Properties Of Bed Ford Cord:

  • The Bedford weaves produce longitudinal warp line in the cloth with fine sunken lines between cords.
  • Bed ford cord fabrics are warp faced cloth. Cord effect is seen in face side and not in back side.
  • In one repeat, two or more cords are produced.
  • To give greater prominence to the cord effect, Wadding and Padding yarns are used.
  • Ends and picks are always of even number.
  • Pick number in a repeat size is generally 4.
  • Cord effect is seen in face side.

Uses of Bed Ford Cord Weave: Following products are produced by bed ford cord weave.

  1. Medium weight cotton or spun rayon – Ladies dress wear, sportswear.
  2. Heavier qualities like furnishing.
  3. Worsted yarn for trouser production.

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