Textile Bleaching Process || Objectives-Process Parameters of Bleaching

Textile Bleaching Process The whiteness of textile materials is liked by everybody. White fabric colored with dyes. Sometimes we want to get a white fabric; which is obtained by the bleaching process. After the scouring process bleaching is done to get white fabric. Bleaching is done for removing the natural color which is inherent in … Read more

Finishing of Textiles | Definitions-Objectives, And Classifications

Textiles Finishing Textile finishing is the final step of wet processing technology. Textile products either are dyed or printed it needs to add some finishing feathers before marketing. By applying different finishing techniques a product becomes more comfortable to use. So finishing should be easier to apply.Dyeing/Printing + Finishing = RMG/Marketing The making of marketable … Read more

Golden Fiber | Jute Sector Of Bangladesh

Jute Fiber The golden color is a favorite of people. I also like the golden color. Also, you may hear about the pride of Bangladesh which is named golden fibers. Yes, I say about jute, which is so-called. Jute is a vegetable fiber that can be spun into different types of jute cloth and decorative … Read more

Dyes | Classification Of Dyes | Properties of Dyes

Dyes Dyeing and dyes; these two words are related to one another. Without dyes, it’s not possible to dye materials. So dye is the main thinking of dyeing. But most of the time we do something wrong for what we face a lot of problems during dyeing. For this reason, we should know about the … Read more

Dyeing | General Concept About Dyeing Process

Dyeing Dyeing is a distribution process in which the dye or pigment is distributed at least two phases system i.e., the dye or pigment bath or solution and the textile material. In fact, dyeing is done in a dye bath in this process. Besides, a dye bath contains a solution of dyes, chemicals, and other … Read more

Types, And Properties of Dyeing Machines

Dyeing Machines The dyeing machine is an important part of the dyeing process. So, it is a must to know about different types of dyeing machines and their properties. We know that; dyeing is a process of coloring textile materials to give a nice outlook to grey textile materials. By the reaction between dye solution … Read more

List of Diversified Jute Goods Companies In Bangladesh and India

Jute Goods Jute goods demand increases day by day. Different types of development and improvement of jute goods are done by the different research institutes. India, Bangladesh, China, and other jute growing countries are trying to improve the present jute goods quality. A team of scientists at BJRI is trying its best to improve this. … Read more

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