Objectives And Flow Chart Of Lad Dip Development

Lad Dip Development

Lab Dip Development means the sample which is dyed according to the buyer’s requirements (similar shade and so on). Depending on lab dip development sample dyeing and bulk production dyeing planning are done.

Objectives And Flow Chart Of Lad Dip Development

Objectives of Lab Dip Development:

The main objectives in lab dip are as follows:

  • Firstly, to calculate the recipe for sample dyeing.
  • Secondly, it use to compare dyed sample with swatch by light Box or Spectrophotometer.
  • After that, to calculate revise recipe for sample dyeing.
  • Finally, approved Lab Dip (Grade: A, B, C & D)

Process Sequence of Lab Dip Development:

Lab work plays an important role in the dyeing process. The bulk dyeing process completely depends on the lab dip development work. Lab work is completely managed in the following sequence.

Lab Dip Requisition from the buyer

Entry into the computer

The first recipe is given by swatch or Pantone number

First correction

Second correction

Grading of samples (A, B, C, D)

Yarn and knit sample send to buyer

Approved by buyer

Order for bulk production

Production card with approved sample and recipe send to production section.

Anyhow, lab work is important because it is related to the buyer’s satisfaction. If the lab dip is developed as the given swatch or Pantone number which is given by the buyer then it will get bulk production order, which is the main goal of a company.

So, dyeing lab management and its lab dip work are important for the dyeing industry.

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