Jute Sector || Present Situation And Its Difficulties

Jute is a natural fiber. It is the most common natural fiber which is biologically and geologically friendly for the earth. In the present circumstances, the demand of jute fiber and its goods are remarkable. When this world become the victim of synthetic goods and its bed affect on the people that’s time the ecologist suggest using nature fiber and its goods.

In the world market, the demand of jute goods is huge but in the recent time, it is noticed that, most of the jute products manufacturing countries faces difficulties to sell their jute products in the world market. For this reason, the manufacturers are discouraged to continue to manufacture the jute goods. Most of the specialist said that, this situation is created for the unrest of the world situation.

What will happen if this type of situation is continue? Simple answer is that, it will affect the whole system of jute market.

Firstly, the cultivator (farmer) will not get the desired rate of the jute. As a result, cultivation of jute will be reduced.

Secondly, if the farmers deduced the jute cultivation, the manufactures will close their jute product manufacturing mills for the lackness of the raw jute. If manufacturers cannot get enough raw jute they will not be able to run their mill.

Thirdly, if the manufacturers close their factory, lots of people will be jobless which will create an unstable situation in the society.

Fourthly, different types of business man will be hope less.

Fifthly, the world will be fall in crisis of natural jute goods product. It will be harmful for the environment.

So, the world leader should make meaning full policy to protect the natural jute fiber. If the farmer happy, we will be happy.

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